Before one can properly degrease a lift station, one must understand what a floating lift station is and what it does. Lift stations are used to pump waste water or sewage from low places to higher places. In essence, lift stations are needed to override the demands of gravity.

Lift stations have two main elements: the wet well and the controls. The well is a basin where waste water or sewage is discharged and where the pumps sit. The well is made of steel, fiberglass or concrete.

The Nuts and Bolts

Wells usually have two pumps. Each pump has its own check and shut-off valves. The valves stop the flow of sewage into the well. When the pump stops it prevents one pump from pumping back into the other. The control panel has circuit breakers, the motor starter, overloads, pump control software and communication devices.

How to Clean and Degrease Your Lift Station?

Rolling Up Your Lift Station Sleeves

At Citrus Depot we understand that using a floating lift station degreaser can be a complicated process. Lift stations are typically used by local and regional governments to direct the flow of public sewage. The process one must use to degrease a lift station requires products and procedures that have both muscle and are environmentally sensitive.

That’s where a floating lift station degreaser by Citrus King enters the picture. This powerful, all-natural product is the best solution for tackling sluggish or filthy lift stations. Citrus King Floating Lift Station Degreaser lacks hazardous kerosene, diesel or any hydrocarbon solvents, making it a safe solution.

  Citrus King Floating Lift Station Degreaser eliminates scum and grease like no other product on the market. The truth is that harmful chemicals are not a requirement to get the job done. Science has wasted it’s time trying to recreate what nature already does.

Citrus King Floating Lift Station Degreaser Steps

Here are three steps in using Floating Lift Station Degreaser by Citrus King to eliminate scum and grease on surfaces:

1. Pour directly down a manhole into the wet well. For best results, use enough of the floating lift station  degreaser to assure a 1 to 2 inch cap on the surface. For example, a wet well with a diameter of 5 feet would use 10  to 25 gallons of the product.                                                                                                                                                          2. To help dissolve grease on the surface, spray interior walls of manway or wet well.                                                  3. Add 1 or 2 gallons of Citrus King Floating Lift Station Degreaser every day in the sludge compartment. This  allows effective and continuous treatment of both the top and bottom of a grease cake. Circulation should be  confined as usual.

Follow these two steps for effective overall plant treatment:

1. Use the floating lift station degreaser to prevent grease build-up after the scum blanket is eliminated.

2. Allow one gallon to drip in influent every 24 hours, 45 drops per minute. 

Here is how to use Citrus King’s Floating Lift Station Degreaser for pumping stations, wet wells and sewer lines:

1. Add the floating lift station degreaser directly into force mains and sewer lines as needed to remove built-up  grease.                                                                                                                                                                                                     2. Allow the degreaser to drip directly in wet wells and pumping stations.                                                                             3. For stuck floating digester covers, apply around the edge of the cover with hose.

Purchase Citrus King Floating Lift Station Degreaser today!


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