One of the most rewarding parts of road work is completing a large paving project. With that being said, once the project has been completed, it can be difficult to get your machinery clean.

At Citrus King®, we believe in cleaning with a conscience. We know a thing or two about maintaining a tidy space, and we want to help you do the same. Here are our tips for cleaning your equipment and the adjacent areas after you have completed paving a large area.

Tar and Asphalt Residue

Use Citrus King products to clean paving equipment.

The machines you use to create a paving area will become covered in tar or asphalt residue by the end of the work day. Make sure to scrape asphalt from the machine daily. For a deeper clean, we recommend using Citrus King® Tar and Asphalt Remover. This natural cleaner safely penetrates, dissolves and removes tar, asphalt, pavement sealer, oil, grease and sludge. After one cleaning it will leave your paving equipment sparkling.

Keeping your machine clean is essential to its longevity. If you are not maintaining it on a daily basis it could cost you more to operate, cause you to have to replace it in a short time and give you a bad return on your investment.

Adjacent Surfaces

Often surfaces adjacent to your asphalt paving project can get dirty from all the activity. If concrete surfaces like roads, parking lots or sidewalks, surround your project area, they may become dirty with tire marks, stains, oil drippings or black marks from the tar or asphalt you were using.

These concrete surfaces can be cleaned using Citrus King® Industrial Degreaser. Make sure to pre-wet the surface. Then apply the Citrus King® Industrial Degreaser, a little extra on the heavy stains. Start scrubbing with a stiff bristle broom to remove the stain.

Your concrete surface will look as good as new! Be cautious though around your newly paved asphalt area. This product is detrimental to asphalt and will ruin the paving project you just worked so hard on.

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Citrus King® Natural Cleaning Products

Have you used the Citrus King® Tar and Asphalt Remover to clean your paving equipment or the Citrus King® Industrial Degreaser to clean the concrete areas adjacent to your paving project? Share your experiences with us. Contact us by filling out our contact form or on our social media channels.

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