Citrus King Ink and Roller Wash is perfect for the printing industry. Ink is a very difficult substance to remove from clothing, surfaces, rollers, and machinery. When removing ink, it’s easy to damage the surface one is trying to remove ink from. It’s even more common that at least some of the ink remains on the surface being cleaned. This is because the ink remover product used wasn’t strong enough. In most of these instances more product won’t help. An Ink and Roller Wash that’s specifically for the printing industry is the best solution.

Citrus Depot Printing  Inks vary in color and texture so an ink remover should vary too. The perfect thing about Citrus Depot’s line of Citrus King products is that they’re made to be diluted. This means that from one purchase of Citrus King Ink and Roller Wash, a printing company can get several cleaners that vary in strength. This is very useful. For example, red ink is more difficult to remove from tables, surfaces, clothes, and machinery than black ink. A stronger mixture is needed for inks like red that are tougher to get out. A different strength of the mixture may be better to use to get the ink off of different rollers as well. If removing ink from something is the goal, we have a blend that will work. Citrus Depot always recommends that a small spot be tested before cleaning an entire area.

This practice of a printing company diluting their own Ink and Roller Wash products makes their bottle or barrel last for a lot longer than competitors products. It greatly reduces overall ink cleaning costs when buying in bulk as well. When a business purchases other kinds of products that remove ink, they might be paying for the water used to dilute the cleaner to make it different strengths. This can quickly get very expensive. When a printing company creates their own method of diluting their Ink and Roller Wash solutions, the savings add up quickly. Printing companies need these different mixtures in various circumstances for a much more effective cleaning experience. At the end of the day, printing companies will have equipment that lasts longer and a better overall print quality because their machinery is in the best shape possible.

When printing companies use Citrus King Ink and Roller Wash they save money and save the environment by using an eco-friendly cleaning product. Printing companies should check for certain tax breaks that using green chemicals might qualify them for as well. Any way you look at it, Citrus King is better for businesses.




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