What’s So Great About Natural Industrial Cleaners?

Do you know the answer? Before we get to the answer, let’s get to some facts. Big industries have been pumping harmful chemicals into our atmosphere for more than two hundred years. Once an area becomes polluted, it is really, really difficult to undo the damage. It costs a ton of money and it takes a lot of people to even make a dent.

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Big industries haven’t just been harming the environment. How many of us have heard of someone becoming sick from being around a chemical they had to work with? Most of us have heard of it. It’s sad. People are blissfully unaware of how often the products they use are doing damage to their bodies.

Good people saw the damage that industries were doing to the environment and to the people working for them. They wanted to make a difference. The problem was that most people viewed natural industrial cleaners as weak and not as effective as the products loaded with harmful chemicals they were currently using. One big part of the problem was that the people making the decisions weren’t always having to live with the consequences.

In 1983, Suncoast Research Labs began developing a line of natural industrial cleaners called Citrus King.  That’s how Citrus Depot was born. Their mission was to change the way industries looked at natural cleaning products, to save the environment, and to save the health of employees across the globe.

Citrus King by Citrus Depot is a product that was made for the people by the people. For more than thirty years, Citrus King’s unique formulas have been revised based on real world applications and feedback from consumers. This has led Citrus Depot to produce one of the most effective natural cleaning products available today. Citrus Depot hasn’t just survived for thirty years, they’ve thrived.

Let’s get back to the question we started with. What’s so great about natural industrial cleaners? It’s the way of the future. It’s no longer in style to do irreversible damage to our bodies by being blind to what’s in the products we use. Not only that, but with the government cracking down on industries everywhere, they’ve made it easier on industries to operate effectively while helping the environment.

It can no longer be said that natural industrial cleaners aren’t effective. We challenge you to try Citrus King’s line. You will see that Citrus Depot’s products out rank competing cleaners, both natural and synthetic. Have you ever heard the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?” We agree. When so much cleaning power can be found in a natural cleaning product like orange oil, why try to replicate that? There’s no reason to. That’s why natural industrial cleaners are they way of the future.

Research Labs such as Suncoast Research Labs have bridged the gap and industries using safer products are thriving, they have also noticed that industries are using better manufacturing devices, such as the ones that can be found here at CKS Ltd. They’re receiving tax breaks, they don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for polluting the environment, and their health care costs are down across the board. Not only that, but employees who don’t call in sick and don’t feel bad equals higher production for these industries across the board. There simply aren’t any drawbacks to using natural industrial cleaners. We think that’s pretty great.


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