Outstanding Performance From Citrus King Tar Remover

The Engineer Research and Development Center decided to test out eco-friendly tar removers. Red River Army Depot created the challenge. This challenge was cleaning road tar from paving equipment/asphalt spreaders and ground vehicles. That’s a tall order. Usually chemicals with heavy cleaners are used along with a 40,000 psi water jet.

Tar Remover 2  Vehicles were standing by that needed general maintenance and some vehicles needed tar removal in order to be put back into service. The oil/bitumen spreader components and their clogged nozzles were selected for the challenge. The cost of replacing these components is $10k-$15k each.

A variety of lab tests were done. They decided that a good eco-friendly tar remover must meet ten criteria. That’s a tall order. These criteria are as follows:

1. Effective in removing tar and fast drying.

2. Shall have low VOCs.

3. Shall have no or low content of HAPs.

4. Shall have low toxicity.

5. Shall have a high flash point.

6. Shall have low flammability.

7. Ability to recycle solvent.

8. Residues must be biodegradable and easily treatable along with regular wastewater streams.

9. Material compatibility – use of the solvent should not lead to corrosion or erosion. If possible, provide corrosion protection layer.

10. The cost of the solvent and the solvent requirement should be minimal.

Then it was on to real world application. In the end, that’s all that matters to regular people anyways. Citrus King’s Tar Remover went up against Simple Green head to head. Citrus King’s Tar Remover came out on top. Their comments were as follows “Simple Green foamed, was somewhat effective at removing oils, grease, and paint, but did not remove the tar. Citrus King Tar Remover performed much better.”

The test showed that once a spreader covered in tar was dip cleaned in the Citrus King Tar Remover and it came out clean. The operator reported only having to use enough water to do a thorough rinse of the product after coming out of the dip cleaning. The last person in line inspected the machinery and was very happy with the cleaning and functionality of the spreader after the tar was removed.

At the end of the study, they recommended Citrus King Tar Remover. Their challenge showed that Citrus King Tar Remover performed well in all areas evaluated. The tar remover is tough, functional, as well as environmentally friendly.



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