Aerosol solvents. Whether we realize it or not, they make life so much easier and convenient.

No more rolling up your sleeves. No more scrubbing. No more sore knees. No more creaky elbows.

According to the American Chemistry Council, aerosol sprays are a popular way to dispense products, such as cleaning agents, air fresheners, insecticides and personal care products.

The ACC states that a key aspect of aerosol sprays is the solvent, which helps improve product performance and extends shelf life. That means the solvent’s effect in the aerosol is stronger and lasts longer.

Citrus King Has An All-Natural Citrus Product

Citrus King Aerosol Solvents Are Convenient and Easy To Use

We at Citrus King® have 14-ounce aerosol spray cans of the multi-purpose citrus solvents that tackle areas water-based cleaners are unable to reach. The Citrus King® solvent can be used on tar, grease, oil, grime, fingerprints, graffiti, heel marks, sticky decals and tape adhesive. You can use it to clean dirty metal tools, machine tools, metal machinery, and engine and motor parts. (The product should be tested first on non-metal surfaces and is not recommended to be used as an air freshener.)

This is a highly concentrated natural citrus solvent and is the most unique and versatile product of its kind developed.

How Aerosol Solvents Work

Aerosols are mixtures of liquefied gas, propellants, solvents and active ingredients packaged under pressure in a container with a valve. When the valve is open – typically by pressing a button – internal pressure forces the aerosol up the dip tube and out the valve. Many aerosol products require shaking before use to mix the ingredients.

 What Do They Do

The function of solvents in aerosols is to keep the formulation evenly mixed and to maintain ingredient proportions, according the American Chemistry Council. The even mixture also extends the product’s shelf life.

The aerosol aspect of the solvent enables an effective particle size for the particular treatment. For example, air fresheners come out as fine mists, and shaving cream is emitted in thick foam.

Going Au-Naturale

Citrus King® Aerosol Natural Cleaner is ideal for small households and businesses. Visit our online store  to buy yours today. Our products are taken from the peel of citrus fruits and are more effective than petroleum distillates yet contain none of the hazards of using butyl or alkalies. We believe in the power of all-natural cleaners.

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