It’s been a long day at the office. It’s seemed like the day would never end. But alas the day is done, you’re home and ready to plop down on the couch. But before you settle down, you catch a glimpse of a frightful sight – a dirty, soiled couch; perhaps the crime was committed by your friendly feline, your eat-on-the-couch adolescent or some other household scoundrel. Nevertheless, you must tend to the task promptly. That’s where we at Citrus King® enter the picture. We specialize in developing and providing products that can clean upholstery in an environmentally friendly and safe way.

The One-Two Punch

Our highly refined orange oil cleaners pack powerful punches. These biodegradable solvents and degreasers have pleasing aromas, are versatile and are given safe ratings by the government. This is one of the most popular products with customers increasingly finding more uses.

Cleaning Upholstery the Natural and Effective Way

 Curtailing ‘Free’ Speech

Graffiti and adhesive remover is a natural product made from pure orange oil. Government agencies have used it for years to remove graffiti, gum and adhesive. It can be used in your house, your car or your boat. It has a pleasant aroma and is safe to use on upholstery. Citrus King® products, taken from the peel of citrus fruits, are more effective than petroleum distillates yet contain none of the hazards of using butyl or alkalies. We believe in the power of all-natural cleaners. We have everything you need to keep your home – and your upholstery — clean and healthy. Send us a message on our contact form or via social media. Like what you have read? Share this article on social media. We’ve got the tweet ready for you.


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