You have the vision – and the supplies – to make that bathroom into something divine. But getting to that final stage involves confronting a few minor obstacles, such as doing all that hard work and heavy lifting to transform the bathroom.

For starters, removing the tile – and the grout – is bringing this project to a standstill.

How do you do it?

How To Remove Tile During A Renovation

Rolling up your sleeves

We at Citrus King® have the perfect solution that’ll make the dirty work so much easier, smoother and cleaner.

Citrus King’s Tile Mastic & Adhesive Remover will make you wonder why you never did this months ago.

Here are five steps to begin the process of renovation and make tile or carpet removal work like magic:

  1. Remove tile or lift the carpet.
  2. Pour Citrus King’s Mastic Remover on the surface.
  3. In about an hour, the mastic turns amazingly soft.
  4. Scrap the mastic off with … for goodness’ sake … your business card.
  5. A simple water rinse and voila!

Getting In On The Ground Floor

Now comes the construction part. Here are 15 steps to help guide you through the work of installing tile:

  • Plan your wall. Avoid any small pieces and awkward tile slivers along the wall’s edge.
  • Place tiles on the wall to determine your horizontal and vertical rows.
  • Draw your layout on the wall. The wall’s edge or the floor can be crooked, so don’t use it as a guide. Use a level.
  • Mix your thin-set.
  • Use a trowel to apply about 1/8 inch of thin-set to the wall.
  • Apply light pressure at 45 degrees to create long grooves with the notched end of the trowel.
  • Install the first tile at slight angle, and twist with firm pressure into place. For the first row, use painter’s tape to ensure tiles remain in place
  • Insert spacers on each corner of each tile to get even grout lines.
  • Continue this process across the wall.
  • Measure, mark and cut tiles to fit along edges, and around electrical outlets, corners and windows. Remember: measure twice, cut once.
  • Once the tile is cut to size, apply thin-set directly to the tile for the corners and small spaces.
  • Before the thin-set dries, clean the excess between the grout lines with a screwdriver or spacer.
  • Use a damp sponge to wipe any thin-set off the face of tiles.
  • To finish off the top row of tiles, use a bull-nose trim.
  • Cut 45 degree corners to reach intricate nooks in the tile.

Have you used the Citrus King® Tar Tile Mastic & Adhesive Remover? Are these tips helpful? Share your experiences with us. Contact us by filling out our contact form or on our social media channels.





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