A lot of drilling companies in the oil and gas industry perform what is called fracturing. Fracturing involves drilling the layers of rocks beneath the ground to reach the needed natural resource. This natural resource may be oil, coal, natural gas or any fossil fuel. Here at Citrus King, manufacturer of offer a variety of 100% natural, earth-friendly, nontoxic, and effective cleaning products, we like to share news and information about the industries who use natural cleaning products. With that in mind, here is some information about fracturing tanks and how our natural industrial degreaser can be used in the maintenance and cleaning of these huge storage tanks in the oil and gas industry.

What is a Fracturing Tank?

  • Fracture tanks or “frac” tanks are steel mobile storage tanks used in holding water, or containing liquids that are used for wells in the gas and oil industry.
  • The tanks are trucked empty to the site and sit next to the well during the well drilling process.
  • The tanks will be used in storing run-off water, glycol, diesel fuel and waste products from the drilling process.


Care and Maintenance of a Fracturing Tank

care and maintenance

  • The fracturing tanks are huge and should be maintained to prevent any rusting or breaking.
  • Fracturing tanks can contain up to 20,000 fluid gallons of liquid.
  • Due to environment requirements, the fluids are secured and cannot be leaked out of the tank.
  • It is important to release the fluids from the tanks immediately. 


Fracturing tanks and other oil and gas industry equipment can become extremely soiled with oil sludge, grease and other debris that requires cleaning on a regular basis. Citrus King® products are limited only by the imagination. It is important to understand the basics of how the Citrus King® products can benefit your cleaning and be cost efficient.

All of the Citrus King® products are concentrated and several blends are available. For a dilutable product, refer to the Citrus King® Industrial Degreaser and call us for assistance with the dilution ratios.

Citrus King® is looking to satisfy customers by meeting their specific needs, providing a quality product and great customer service. Visit our online store to get started!

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