When removing glued-down flooring, such as tile, linoleum or carpet, you need to get as much of the old adhesive off the subfloor as possible, leaving a smooth surface for the new flooring. Follow our advice to remove unwanted flooring in your home or business.

Steps to Remove Flooring

When tile is removed from any flooring, it can be done in two parts. First, remove the tile by either scraping or chiseling it from the floor. Then, the adhesive that was holding it in place must be removed from the subfloor. Depending on the type of flooring and the type of adhesive underneath it, different methods can be used to remove the glued down flooring.

Tools to Remove Flooring Adhesive

Use tools like a hand scrapers

  • A hand scraper: This tool is the most time consuming and can take a lot of work. Wear gloves to avoid blisters.
  • A power scraper: This tool is the fastest way to scrape a floor. A power scraper machine can be rented at most hardware stores.

What is Mastic Adhesive

Mastic adhesive is an organic compound used to adhere to floor and wall tiles. This adhesive is used in dry areas and can also be used on counter tops and older floors. Mastic is water-resistant and it will dissolve when contacted with water.

Removing Glue, Adhesives and Tile Mastic

Spot Test

  • It is always recommended that you test a small area first.
  • After removing the tiles, you need to remove the excess mastic or glue. Using the Citrus King® Tile and Mastic Adhesive Remover with a mop or sprayer, soak the entire area you will be removing the adhesive from.
  • Allow the remover to soak into the adhesive for a minimum of 20 minutes until it becomes soft.
  • Some adhesives may take longer. A second application may be required.
  • Then, scrape off the remaining adhesive with a floor or razor scraper.
  • For heavily applied adhesive areas, re-apply the Citrus King® Tile and Mastic Adhesive Remover and allow the remover to soak for a few minutes, then scrape.
  • Then, thoroughly wash and rinse flooring with water.
  • Citrus King® recommends using a shop vac to clean up excess water off of the floor. This will also speed up the dry time to the floor.
  • Allow a couple of hours to dry.

Removing Glue From Wood Flooring

If you have a wood floor that you are trying to remove glue, adhesives or mastic from, apply the surface with Citrus King® Tile and Mastic Adhesive Remover, allow the remover to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes, then apply the remover to rags and wipe clean.

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