Although the idea of a thorough cleaning is most commonly associated with spring, autumn is also a great time to spruce up your house.

At Citrus King®, we believe in the power of all-natural cleaners. Still, we understand that a lot of people continue to use traditional cleaning agents. To ensure maximum protection while using these hazardous materials, make sure you follow these safety tips for cleaning.

Read Labels

We want you to think for a minute: when was the last time you read the label on that bottle of bleach or window cleaner? More often than not, the answer is never. Next time you do some cleaning, make sure you know what’s in the products you’re using. If you don’t like what you see in the ingredients list, consider investing in Citrus King’s® all-natural, highly-refined cleaning agents.

Wear Gloves

Wear Gloves: Keep Your Skin from Getting Irritated by Wearing Gloves

Due to the harsh chemical nature of most cleaning products, it’s important to protect yourself while you’re using them. Wear gloves to keep your skin from getting irritated. You never know what kind of unpleasant reaction you could have to what you’re working with. Better to be safe than sorry.


Along with wearing gloves, it’s important to utilize proper ventilation when cleaning. Turn on fans and open windows to maximize airflow and make it easier to breathe. You don’t want to pass out from cleaning fumes.

Don’t Mix Cleaners

Even though you’re ventilating your space while you clean, you still should never mix your cleaning products. You may think that mixing will increase the products’ power. Instead, certain combinations can create toxic gases and fumes that can sometimes be fatal. Make the right choice and only use one cleaner at a time.

Although many cleaning products on the market are dangerous, you can use them safely as long as you take the necessary precautions. If all this talk of toxic materials has you worried, ask about Citrus King’s® safe and effective cleaning products. We have everything you need to keep your home clean without sacrificing your health. For more information, send us a message on our contact form or via social media.

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