There are many items on the store shelves that use orange oil. These items include: scented soaps, body lotions, creams and room fresheners. The Citrus King® highly refined orange oil products are safe solvent and is used as an ingredient in adhesives, stain removers and cleaners. These products also offer a natural alternative to harsh treatments for insect removal, industrial solvents, stain removers and cleaning products. Not only that, but our products also have a calming, sweet, citrus aroma.

Citrus King® has a variety of earth-friendly products, used by many industries, ranging from industrial to commercial and home use. The uses are limitless, so being able to buy in bulk and store the products comes in handy when using them. Precisely because this product will serve you well in many different applications, we want to make sure it is delivered to you in the appropriate container. Below are the types of containers we use:

Metal Container or Drum Storage

  • There are many alternatives when choosing a container for The Citrus King® highly refined orange oil products. Using an unlined steel drum is not recommended. The natural moisture content in d-Limonene can lead to corrosion and rust the metal container. 
  • For bulk storage, more than 55 gallons, it is recommended to use stainless steel storage tanks. Due to its resistance to rust, stainless steel tanks do not require any liners or special treatment. 


Plastic Container Storage

  • Most of retail products containing d-Limonene are packaged in polymer-based containers. Most plastics will react adversely when coming in contact with orange oil for a long period of time. 


Glass and Ceramic Containers

  • Because of the cost and weight, glass or ceramic containers are rarely used for packaging orange oil. The d-Limonene will not affect the glass or ceramic packaging. When using glass, make sure plastic caps or seals are compatible with d-Limonene. 


Sealed and stored in dark place

The shelf life of orange peel oil is generally six months, if it is kept sealed, out of light and away from heat. It is also a good idea to vent the container periodically. The storage of orange peel oil should be conducted at temperatures of 25, 37, and 50 degrees Celsius.

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