Only Fred Astaire could get away scot-free with this crime: Getting black scuffs on tile floors.

Egad! What’s a tidy homeowner to do after a long day of rambunctious kids – and unenlightened adults – leaving black marks across nice tile floors? That unsightly collage of random streaks – and the prospects of getting on hands and knees to scrub them away – can be downright depressing.

It’s a good question. We at Citrus King® have the right answer for you. Our products are the best performing and environmentally safe choices in today’s market. This is achieved through the power of natural citrus.

Cleaning Scuff Marks from Tile Floors

Finding the Perfect Cleaner

Imagine if you could find a cleaner that had it all – outstanding degreasing abilities, environmental responsibility, a pleasant aroma, and the flexibility to mix with water and with chemical solvents. That is exactly what you get with the all-natural citrus extract.

Taken from the peel of citrus fruits, Citrus King® products powerfully “cleans with care.” Citrus King is a more effective degreaser than petroleum distillates yet does not contain the hazards associated with butyl or harsh alkalies.

The aerosol is a highly concentrated natural citrus solvent in a spray can. You can use it to remove tar, asphalt, adhesive, crayon, gum, wax, lipstick, pen marker ink and of course black scuff marks.

We hope you found this blog helpful. We at Citrus King® carry a wide array of natural cleaning products, industrial degreasers and more, check out our products.

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