CITRUS KING! The power of nature at work!

  • Man’s very first cleaning product was the citrus fruit.
  • The cleaning power lies in the peels of the fruit.


  • Citrus King products are the very best performing and environmentally safe
  • Taken from the peel of citrus fruits, Citrus King powerfully “cleans with care”.

Citrus Depot - "The King of All Natural Cleaners!"

Buy Direct & SAVE $$$ – Citrus Depot is the best source for high quality, low cost, natural, industrial strength cleaning products for businesses. We have many great products such as natural citrus degreasers & tar remover.
We guarantee that Citrus King is 100% natural. Our eco-friendly products are not diluted with hazardous kerosene, diesel, hydrocarbon solvents, or other dangerous chemicals. Citrus Depot’s products can be used safely and effectively in a wide range of applications.
Citrus King products, such as degreasers, tar remover, release agents, and more from Citrus Depot are highly effective, biodegradable solvents. The ingredients are all natural, as the main component comes from highly refined citrus peel oil.

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