Q: I’m removing carpet mastic how long should I leave the product down?
A: All mastic’s are different and some take longer to melt than others. The amount of mastic you are trying to remove can greatly affect how long it takes, 20 minutes is the minimum that the product should be left on.

Q: Since your product is a food grade material does that mean I can add it to food or drinks?
A: NO. DO NOT DRINK OR INGEST. Food Grade designation simply means that the product meets minimum standards of quality and purity as defined by the US FDA. We do not offer the product for any food or pharmaceutical use.

Q: What is the shelf life of the product?
A: The product shelf life is generally 6 months if kept sealed and out of light and away from heat. It is a good idea to “vent” the container periodically.

Q: Which product do we use for bugs and termites?
A: We are prohibited by Federal EPA Law from making any Pesticide claims on any of our products as we do not have EPA Registration. Orange oil, d-limonene, citrus oils all exhibit unique and natural properties for which there is a great deal of documented information. Research is up to the individual.

Q: Is the product toxic or damaging to skin?
A: Although our products are exclusively derived from orange peel oil, due to their extreme purity they can tend to de-fat the skin and cause irritation or rash if exposed for extended periods. Simply wash with a mild body soap and rinse for several minutes after exposure. Avoid skin contact and wear protective clothing, eye protection, vinyl gloves, and leather or canvas footwear. Citrus products can melt most rubber materials.

Q: Are the fumes toxic or dangerous to breath?
A: The Citrus King line of products is produced from a highly refined grade of orange peel oil. The odor of orange is always present and although pleasant, it can be overwhelming if overexposed in a confined space. ALWAYS USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION TO AVOID RESPIRATORY DISCOMFORT.

Q: What do I get when I melt polystyrene foam?
A: Using the Citrus King Multi Purpose Solvent to melt foam will give you a non fuming, non harmful liquefied polystyrene and citrus solvent mixture. If the amount is small we suggest you obtain a cheap or free absorbent such as dry leaves, sand, dry clay, kitty litter, shredded paper, sawdust, wood shavings, dirt,shredded rags, etc. In a bucket or wheel barrel mix the melted slurry with the absorbent and shovel into paper lined boxes and dispose in your refuse container. Small quantity generators will probably be OK doing this but on a larger scale it may prove cumbersome and labor intensive. To date we do not know of a valuable use for the melted foam. The product works ONLY on the polystyrene foam.

Q: Do you have distributors outside of your St. Petrsburg, Florida location?
A: Sorry but not at this time. We are considering it though.