Demonstration of Tar Removal Using Citrus King® Products

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Citrus Depot Customer Testimonials

William Freitas of Bremerton, Wa

Dear Citrus Depot Staff,

When we purchased our built in 1916 retirement home in 2012, the main interior project was to remove all of the carpet in order to have the original fir floors exposed. The first two rooms went very well, no big problems exposed, and the floors were sanded and refinished. The master bedroom was another story and that’s where your Citrus King® came to the rescue.

And yes, I had tried scrapping it with various types of blade scrapers, but that did not work at all, and the tendency was for the blade to gouge into the wood. Also, there still would be mastic residue left behind that would clog up the sand paper, adding more cost and time to the entire job. There would also be mastic in the seams between the plans. Using Citrus King® was a easy effort process, and it thoroughly removed all of the material that will allow for efficient sanding.

(I had visited Home Depot, Lowes, and other hardware and paint stores, as my wife searched on line for a product to remove the mastic and residue from the black carpet padding)

She clicked on your web site when it came up on a list of products/suppliers. She read and viewed your product information, then called me to inform me of your amazing product. I ordered a sample bottle to test an area with excellent results.

Thank you many times over for a wonderful and safe product.

And now the before and after pictures say it all.
The floor is ready for sanding and refinishing thanks to your outstanding product.

Floor before cleaning with Citrus King®.

Citrus Glue Remover

Five steps:

1.) Brushed on a somewhat heavy coat in a 3′ x 2′ area of Citrus King® and let set for about 20 minutes.

2.) Used putty knife to scrape up mastic and rubber padding remnants. (This came up in nice rubbery like strips that was scrapped into an empty coffee can)

3.) Brushed on another coat, let set for about 5 minutes, then used a stiff bristle brush to break loose and remaining mastic, and to clean out seams and any depressions.

4.) Wiped this up with a terry cloth rag.

5.) Rinsed floor with damp terry cloth rag.

Line of scrapped mastic and rubber padding that was stuck to the floor.

Un cleaned area to right, after first cleaning on left, final cleaning and rinse along two sides of the un cleaned area.

Your product and the job well under way.

Cleaning finished, ready for sanding and refinishing.

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